About Us

Encouraged by her Nana, Kim designed her first hats to suit her own kid’s needs. Adjustable and fashionable, these prototypes drew immediate attention from other parents. Rapidly swamped with orders, Kim started her first company, Woodland Rogue, and she was soon producing hats, hoodies, and diaper bags to a growing demand.

Unable to find a comfortable baby carrier, Amanda designed her first baby carrier for herself. Soon after, friends started asking for copies of her stylish, practical creation. This lead to orders from retail stores, and to the start of Pipa Creations, Amanda’s first company. Inspired by the fabrics she was using, Amanda soon added lines of jackets, skirts, and dresses to her product range.

Toad in a Tree Team

Toad in a Tree Team

In February 2007, Kim and Amanda joined forces when they realized they had the same goals: to create exciting children’s clothes and accessories while working from home. Together they formed their current company, Toad in a Tree, selling their designs at local markets and baby fairs. By September 2008 several retailers were stocking their products and today their jackets, dresses, skirts, diaper bags, hats, and hoodies, can be found at a variety of retail outlets.

Perfected by the feedback of mothers and customers everywhere, products by Toad in a Tree are made from reclaimed and organic materials whenever possible. Items are produced in limited quantities to sustain their uniqueness. Design inspiration comes to Kim and Amanda from children, parents, dreams, and an abiding passion for their lovingly crafted products and the creative processes that go into them.